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The Concours d'Elegance that takes place on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA has been an incredible Fathers Day car show for the past 27 years. The event is free to attend and displays a great mixture of classics, supercars, hypercars, and much more.

This year, I made a quick trip to the Rodeo Drive early in the morning and had to leave early, so I would be focusing on the cars being dropped off and the rally that took place at 9:30am. When I arrived at 7:00am, the first vehicle I came across was a Ferrari Monza SP2... what a darn good way to start the day! I was able to get a few photographs taken before people showed up.

After the Monza, a few more vehicle started to show up as the setup crews scrambled to complete their booths and displays. A few moments later, an all black Ferrari Enzo made its way up Rodeo Drive to stage for the show.

Another highlight of the early morning (that a lot of people were just walking past) was a Porsche 910 at the Auto Vault booth.

It was now getting closer to 9:00am and decided it was time to walk over to the rally starting line with Bob Allen. On our way to the staring line, there was a Ferrari F40, which was in pristine condition just hanging out in a parking lot. I was able to get a few shots while nobody was around it. Once we arrived at the staring grid, there were many fantastic vehicles. I got in the habit of talking and not taking many photos. I did manage to get a few off of Chasen's Pagani Zonda, Manny's Bugatti Chiron, all carbon fiber Ford GT, a McLaren Sabre, and much more! Swipe through the galleries to see some of the photos from the Concours. Enjoy!


It finally happened! After being on hiatus since the beginning of 2020, one of my favorite little car gatherings has returned. The show I speak of is at a cute little café in Laguna Canyon called Another Kind Café. Some of my favorite car shows are the small intimate ones where friends gather to catch up and talk cars... this one checks all the boxes for me.

Another Kind Café is an amazing little café that is referred to as a cross-culture canteen that uses locally sourced ingredients and crafts its delectable food with love. They have a full menu of incredible Vietnamese food, along with café style setup that offers Vietnamese iced coffee, drip coffee, cappuccinos, and much more. From their website, "We bring a taste of culinary traditions from across Vietnam, using fresh prime ingredients sourced directly from the country and other parts of the world. Our curated recipes are designed with love, heart and passion. We are proud of the specialties our restaurant has to offer. All of our food is freshly made at the time of order." Along with being food lovers, the owners love cars as well! As they arrived in a Porsche 912, so awesome!

The show had a start time of 9:00am, so naturally I arrived at 8:30am and was the first one there. I waited for about 15 minutes before a few cars started to roll in, with the first two being a Porsche and probably the cleanest Ferrari 348 TS I have ever seen.

As soon as 9:00am hit, a majority of the attendees started showing up. One of those attendees was Colin (Instagram: colin_cam) and his doggo, Toby, in the MG. We greeted each other and talked about MGs and how much fun they are to drive while checking out another MG GT. I did not realize how affordable MGs are to purchase... now I am tempted to get one for a fun open air weekend driver someday.

After catching up with Colin, Mr. Ted7 (Instagram: iamted7) and Sandrine arrived and had no camera in hand, which is a strange sight. But, I completely understand as their studio has been in overdrive mode, shooting and editing constantly for clients. I was happy to see they were able to make it out to a smaller event and enjoy it instead of photographing the whole thing.

Sometimes, you need to step away from the camera and just enjoy the people and the cars. As we usually do, we grabbed coffee from within the café and spoke about printing methods and techniques.

The meet at Another Kind Café is a great little meet to attend that is very low-key. Such a great way to start off a Saturday. As per usual, I ended up talking most of the time and did not take many photographs (uhggg).

As always, below is the small photo gallery from the day. Enjoy:


The day started out very German at FinishLine Auto Club in Costa Mesa, CA… as it was the day of the silver arrow.

The featured cars were Mercedes Benz and it was a fantastic showing. There were many models ranging from 300 SLs (a lot of them), SLS AMGs, and even an SLR! when I arrived they were just starting to lineup all the Mercedes down the middle of finishline auto club. Just by seeing what was already I’m the parking lot, I knew it was going to be an impressive display.

While all the mercs were being ushered to their spot in the lineup, I was talking with Bob Allen and he took me up on a lift to get a birds eye view of the show, this was awesome! I only captured a few shots before we had to maneuver the lift to a new spot, which is when I departed the vehicles to walk around the lot and check out all the cars that showed up.

As I made my lap around the lot, I ran into some friends, Colin, Jen, and their dog, Toby. Needless to say, he is a good boiiiii.

Colin‘s father brought out probably the rarest car at the show, a Sunbeam Imp. I honestly do not know anything about these little British cars, but I am sure it is very fun to drive.

If I had to choose my favorite car of the day, it would have to be the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. I remember when this car came out, it was absolutely bonkers looking with all the vents and side exit exhausts, which I think are incredibly badass. I will not even talk about the specs, I will just share the photos of this beast.

Overall, it was another great showing at the FinishLine Auto Club and cant wait until the next one!

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