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The Triumphant Return of Period Correct Costa Mesa

Earlier in the week, I checked my Instagram feed and saw a story post from a friend that Period Correct was coming back to Costa Mesa and throwing a car show on Saturday from 7:00am - 9:00am... so naturally, I set my alarm instantly.

To prepare and have others decide my lens fate, I posted a pole on which lens I should use to photograph the event, which was between my Voigtlander 50mm Nokton f/1.2 and 35mm f/1.7. The winner was the 50mm (my favorite lens by the way), so I strapped it onto my Leica M10 and made sure the battery was charged and actually in the camera (yes, I have gone to car shows without the battery before and still have ptsd from it).

As for the show? I will let the photos tell the story. Enjoy:



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