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Finishline Auto Club: Mercedes Takeover

The day started out very German at FinishLine Auto Club in Costa Mesa, CA… as it was the day of the silver arrow.

The featured cars were Mercedes Benz and it was a fantastic showing. There were many models ranging from 300 SLs (a lot of them), SLS AMGs, and even an SLR! when I arrived they were just starting to lineup all the Mercedes down the middle of finishline auto club. Just by seeing what was already I’m the parking lot, I knew it was going to be an impressive display.

While all the mercs were being ushered to their spot in the lineup, I was talking with Bob Allen and he took me up on a lift to get a birds eye view of the show, this was awesome! I only captured a few shots before we had to maneuver the lift to a new spot, which is when I departed the vehicles to walk around the lot and check out all the cars that showed up.

As I made my lap around the lot, I ran into some friends, Colin, Jen, and their dog, Toby. Needless to say, he is a good boiiiii.

Colin‘s father brought out probably the rarest car at the show, a Sunbeam Imp. I honestly do not know anything about these little British cars, but I am sure it is very fun to drive.

If I had to choose my favorite car of the day, it would have to be the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. I remember when this car came out, it was absolutely bonkers looking with all the vents and side exit exhausts, which I think are incredibly badass. I will not even talk about the specs, I will just share the photos of this beast.

Overall, it was another great showing at the FinishLine Auto Club and cant wait until the next one!



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