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Fujifilm X100T Review

The Fujifilm X100T is a compact digital platform with a rugged and classic design. I have wanted this camera for some time now, with the main focus being a small "every day" sort of camera system that could be thrown into my bag or pocket and be used discretely when shooting on the street or while on vacation.

This small camera system has a classic design (which I love) and has many great features. The X100T comes equipped with a 16.3 million pixel sensor that looks through a fixed 23mm f/2 lens (no, you cannot detach the lens from this camera body). This 23mm lens equates to a 35mm focal length as well, so it is the perfect focal length for casual use. This lens is very sharp and the focus has been speedy and spot-on so far. Major kudos to Fuji for the "Standard" lens option for the X100T. The other aspect about this camera that makes me love it so much are the manual features. It is almost like working with a film camera and really makes the Fujifilm X100T a blast to shoot with.

The X100T looks like a retro camera, but surprisingly very advanced. The viewfinder is something I have never seen on any other camera system. There is the standard viewfinder, an electronic viewfinder like what you would see on the Sony camera systems, and the hybrid viewfinder. It is a combination of a normal viewfinder and an electronic viewfinder. A little screen pops up in the bottom right hand corner and displays a zoomed in point on the screen so that you can dial in focus. Very cool stuff! Along with this, there is also a histogram and all the usual displays and information about the scene that is about to be photographed.

The X100T comes equipped with different film simulations ranging from Provia, Velvia, Astia, Classic Chrome, and a few different black and white options as well. These film simulations are absolutely amazing. When on a recent trip, I was able to shoot with these film simulations and instantly upload the shots using the built in camera Wi-Fi strait to my phone, and then directly to social media without any sort of editing. It is quite brilliant. It was a ton of fun being able to take some photographs and basically upload them right after the shot was taken.

At the bottom of this blog post, make sure to view the gallery of example shots. I was recently visiting Yosemite National Park and thought this would be the perfect vacation to test this camera out on. I used the Fuji about 90% of the trip instead of pulling out my Canon 5d Mark III. All the shots posted are strait from camera. I have not done any post processing of any sort.

To wrap things up, the Fujifilm X100T really brought back the fun of photography with the manual settings and the retro design. I love everything about this camera and cannot wait to use it as much as possible!




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