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Ferrari 488 GTB and Spider

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to photograph a pair of Ferrari 488's.

It was a very early morning, waking up around 4:50am so that I could get my butt in the car and drive down to Crystal Cove in Southern California. Luckily, this drive was only about 30 minutes... so I will stop with my complaining.

Upon arriving, a cup of coffee was enjoyed with my buddy Tyler Lee, who was gracious enough to get up and assist me with my shoot. Once the vehicles arrived, it was time to get down to business before people started waking up and making their way to breakfast. It was fantastic shooting this early, we did not have many people out, so the open roads were ours for the taking.

We started with some rolling shots while the roads were clear and before the light got contrasty (which isn't even a word).

After the rolling shots were taken care of, we then moved on to the still and detail shots. It was fun spending some time with these newly twin turboed Ferraris. They are incredible. The details are perfection and everything has a function, which is amazing. These vehicles combine performance and elegance into one vehicle. There is a reason why Ferrari has stayed on top of the automotive game for so long.

I know this blog post was very short. It has been forever since I have made a post. I really want to get back into making posts about my automotive adventures. Again, thank you for reading and enjoying my photographs. I defiantly did not spend much time making this post, as you can probably tell. Just deal with it :)

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