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Early Morning in Malibu

5:00am... I think my alarm clock is going off for work. But then I quickly realize it is only Sunday. And you know what that means, CAR SHOWS!

I quickly get out of bed and get ready as fast as I can. My destination is Malibu, Ca. The drive from where I live is about 86 miles North, or a hour and a half drive. Knowing this, I grab my coffee and then get on the road.

Fast forward through the drive up; there... hit the "play" button. Alright, now I am finally getting to Highway 1 in Santa Monica. I am greeted by two late 70's era Porsche 911's for the remainder of the drive, which was an absolute pleasure to watch and listen to. As we cruise along the coast, I am able to take in some nice deep breaths of fresh morning air and look upon the scenery of the Pacific Ocean with the nice warm tones from the rising sun.

Once I arrive at the final destination, I quickly get out of my car and start making laps around the lot. It is full of amazing vehicles from the 70's and beyond, including lots of Porsches, Mercedes, and Ferraris... which I am all about.

After waking photos for the first 45 minutes or so, a pristine Ferrari F40 made an appearance! I was so excited to see one in such great condition. The Ferrari F40 is still one of my all time favorite cars Ferrari has produced.

And then, a few short minutes later... another Ferrari F40 came out of nowhere, but this time in black.

Anyways, I am sure I can blabber on what showed up and what I looked at... so now I will share a small gallery of my day up in Malibu. Enjoy!

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