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When you are a car lover, you want to get your hands on all the coolest accessories and products as you can. One insanely cool product I have just received is the Classic '60s Racecar Drink Coaster Set from Camisasca Automotive Manufacturing, Inc.

The Classic '60s Racecar Drink Coaster Set comes in a set of 6 precision laser-etched aluminum coasters which feature iconic racecars from the '60s. Which 6 iconic '60s racecars you ask? The MGC GTS, Honda S800, Renault Alpine A110 Group IV, Ferrari 250 PF SWB, Porsche 911R SWB, and AC Cobra 289 FIA.

Upon unboxing the coaster set, I instantly notice the fine craftsmanship and precision accuracy of the laser-etched images. Each coaster has a high-quality neoprene backing that protects and insulates furniture from heat, water, and scratches. Each coaster is 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" and is a sturdy 2.5mm thick.

The coasters clean up very well after use... I had some first hand experience, as I spilled my coffee on them. For cleanup, all it took was a simple damp cloth with a swift swipe... and voila!

Want to check this coaster set out this set for yourself? Looking to give a nice touch to your man cave or office? Follow the link: Classic '60s Racecar Drink Coaster Set

Who is Camisasca Automotive Manufacuring, Inc? They are a family owned and operated supplier of automotive accessories to over 40 OEMs, many corporations, and small businesses in the United States since 1982. Camisasca is based out of Lake Forest, CA (where I grew up, which is extremely cool) and is run by a family that has always been in love with everything automotive.



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